Solar Power energizing lives of School Children

The life at Govt. High School, Village Salimsar Majra, Dist. Sonipat(Haryana) was never this cheerful. Students used to sit under the trees during hot sunny days to save themselves from the hot blowing winds. There were fans but no electricity. There were computers for training purposes, but no electricity to operate them. We read some of the teachings scripted on the walls of the School mentioned below, that gave us the courage to do something for those little children studying there. To be mentioned here, the future of the nation was not getting enough resources to develop themselves, though the Government had provided enough opportunities and teachers. Own Electricity is really an asset to have for these kind of premises.

The teachings encripted on the walls of Govt. High School, Village Salimsar Majra, Sonipat

The teachings scripted on the walls of Govt. High School, Village Salimsar Majra, Sonipat

#LoyalTechnologies did a survey at the School to help eliminate this deficiency from the School premises and it was discovered that a 2KW Off-Grid Solar Power Plant could make a difference to everybody’s life connected to this School. A 2KW Solar Power Plant was installed successfully on August 8, 2014 by #LoyalTechnologies with a battery bank, enough to take the complete load for at least 2 hours. Since that day, the life has changed there. The students no more sit under the trees, but only study under the roofs with fans during the summer days and lights during dark winter days(With Battery Bank). The Science lab is operational, the computers are operational. The School generates its own electricity through Solar now. There are smiles allover and students put a lot of hard work to study now rather than using handkerchiefs to wipe their sweat.

We thank Loyal Technologies Private Limited for spreading that precious happiness through their wonderful business practices.

Why we give up?

We try to bring ourselves to rest and try to back up every reason, that this body is not fit or we are satisfied etc. We don’t understand the worth of life. No doubt, it is precious and can never be borrowed or purchased. The mistake we commit, when we give up is we take our belief off the creator. We stop believing on all kind of energies and exhaust ourselves with manipulations about future.

We give up to loose hope. We give up to end any further opportunities. We give up to put an end to future and we give up to loose faith in our own capabilities.

But, are we supposed to give up as Human Beings? Straight NO! There is still a lot, that we can try, before we give up. We really don’t know our capabilities and our reaches, so instead of trying again, we tend to believe that we are over. But life is to live and faith is to follow. We must strive to live happily, if we have time. This life will be no more after sometime-Maybe a day, maybe an year or maybe a few years. Give yourselves a chance. Its important to know our mistakes and rework on things. It might be the case that we are at fault and cursing something else for it. Don’t give up, Believe in yourself. Finally, let us sit, smile, take a deep breath and say- “I will not give up. I am alive man, so I will try again”

Why we mess things?

We indulge ourselves in different manipulations before actually getting into the situation. But, how can someone predict the future, when it depends on so many things altogether?
I agree, we can not predict anything, still there is an intuition, we can get if we try to think about something. Actually, the reason behind it is that the present situation is also one of the processes in life, that leads us to our destiny. If we do not have anything to eat today, might be that is an indication that we will understand this hunger and help someone get out of it in future. It may be anything. So, it is a suggestion not to over-calculate or over-think.
To take care is the message here. Sometimes, we just do the things out of frustration or revenge. I request the reader to understand that there is nothing, you need to prove to exist. Your existence is a proof itself. The one who created you will decide and show you the path.
Just try and understand your own capabilities and work accordingly with all the resources available within your reach. You must not hurt someone with what you do. There is always a way to do things in a different manner, that doesn’t bother anyone.

Learn to leave!

Not everything you come across in life belongs to you! You get what you deserve and others get what they deserve. You give it a try and feel embarrassed when you don’t get the things you tried for. However, be kind and gentle to yourself. Do not hurt the nature inside you for this reason. Grow up in your ideas. Face yourself as an individual with failures and think of the ways to come out now.

Nothing is final until death. You can always try again, love again, work again and live again. Just leave the things, which do not come to you. You don’t have to show this to anyone on how much you earned through the practices, you followed. Even if you faced a defeat, you have to stand again. Fight with your negative thoughts and overcome them. There is nothing which was yours and there is nothing which you will take from here, so learn to leave the things that bother you, even love. Keep loving within and continue. Whatever you deserve out of your true feelings, you will surely enjoy. Life is too short for regrets and pain. Remember-You can always restart!

Dream bigger, work harder than you used to do!

It takes nothing to dream bigger. We are imaginative in nature. So, If we can allow negativity to take over our minds, then why not positive thoughts compel us to enjoy?


What are bigger dreams going to do for us?

The answer is very simple- Dreams bring with them responsibility. Eg- If I had a dream of owning a Cadillac and I even enjoyed driving it with my family, in my dream only. Then, I have to get it done for real pleasure. I have to grow my patience and stamina to cover the distance, required to achieve the goal, set in the dream. So, its a responsibility in itself to carry a dream forward towards reality.


Work hard, stop complaining and rise above the excuses-you give to others and yourself, in order to reform the damaged, in order to set the things right and in order to live life to the fullest.

Everyday, remind yourself that you have to be better than you were yesterday. Life is for once, so do whatever you can do best. Give whatever you have to make yourself worth a Human Being!