Dream bigger, work harder than you used to do!

It takes nothing to dream bigger. We are imaginative in nature. So, If we can allow negativity to take over our minds, then why not positive thoughts compel us to enjoy?


What are bigger dreams going to do for us?

The answer is very simple- Dreams bring with them responsibility. Eg- If I had a dream of owning a Cadillac and I even enjoyed driving it with my family, in my dream only. Then, I have to get it done for real pleasure. I have to grow my patience and stamina to cover the distance, required to achieve the goal, set in the dream. So, its a responsibility in itself to carry a dream forward towards reality.


Work hard, stop complaining and rise above the excuses-you give to others and yourself, in order to reform the damaged, in order to set the things right and in order to live life to the fullest.

Everyday, remind yourself that you have to be better than you were yesterday. Life is for once, so do whatever you can do best. Give whatever you have to make yourself worth a Human Being!

You are Lost? Find the best of you in Nature!

There could be many reasons behind one losing himself to the present situations prevailing in the Society. We loose ourselves-means we start under-estimating oneself, which is actually an outcome of the ongoing competition amongst us, without understanding our individual importance.

Believe me, we are not here to compete, we are here to complete ourselves, as Human beings with knowledge that can satisfy ourselves. We are at the single point, in which only we could fit in. Why do we feel the inferiority complex to anyone? Why there is competition? Who is creating this? Answer is we and our expectations.

Nature loyaladvices

Sometimes, if situations compel us and confuse us, we must decide at the earliest and move towards nature to find the solutions for ourselves. As Nature has all the answers. Nature will help us understand the beauty inside us. Nature will help us find the ‘Best of us’ always.

It is always the way you Love!

Today is the best day, when Love needs an understanding. Why are we so confused?
We actually don’t know whom we love and why?
The easiest thing to understand in Love is-Connections.
Why are we connected to someone is the first reason for our unconditional love.
Just like in case of our parents-They gave us the birth, we are here because of them, so we are connected directly to them and we love them unconditionally. Similarly, we love our children and vice-versa.

Then there is indirect love. We help someone, make a manual connection and get love from them or vice-versa.

Someone understands us and we feel his/her loveliness and fall in love and the most amazing form of love-To fall in love with a person, we don’t know, we don’t understand and still wants to give him/her everything. That is the true unconventionality that exist behind the word-Love. You don’t need a reason to love. You need to love for love. The only way to love is-To love unconditionally. We sometimes fell short before our own commitments. We start giving up in relationships. Remember-It is a task, everyone has to perform and the one who does it with his everything involved, wins more than he loses.

Where we commit a mistake?

We start expecting more than we give. We start to teach more than we have learned. We start moving away more than we came closer. We start to end the things, we never started. This is mere understanding the laws of Nature to their best. If you don’t follow a give and take relation, you create a mess there. Your in-laws, your relatives, your colleagues, your neighbors- Trust me, most of these people are connected to you unknowingly, so maintain most of the things in an unknowingly way like I don’t know how to behave, if my father-in-law hates me. So, what I need to do?-I should adjust not run away. As I will adjust even when I run away. It is not how they behave or react, it is how we absorb and remain patient. We let it go. We let it change with time and we see miracles in the form of these Human Beings only. So, it is always the way you love, not the way you expect.


How and what to speak?

It is a very important thing in life. Your tongue is more of a medicine than a weapon, but we use it as a weapon often. Every word you speak creates an effect on the mind of the person listening to you.
Now, How to speak?
-Speak politely
-Speak clear
-Speak with a sense
-Speak after calculations
-Speak your good intentions
-Speak with care
What to speak?
-Necessary things
-Your influential thoughts
-Good words
-Inspirational quotes
-Helpful words to soothe the pain
-Words to create a joyful atmosphere
-Words to remove confusion
-Words to show a direction to someone

My dear friend-Nature!

Once there was a very small village in the forests of Ghana, where a lovely little girl used to live. Adur was a seven year old girl, with a very little friends to play with her. She used to live in a small village near to forests with her father and mother. Her mother used to work in the houses around cleaning the utensils for others and her father was woodcutter. Sometimes, when other children of her age used to play in the open area, she used to see towards the sun hiding in the forests. They used to ignore her, as she was poor. She had some questions in her mind on what is there in that green and dark place behind her house. Her mother had told her-”Dear Adur, your father goes there to collect some woods, so that I can cook some food for you and this is what we live upon”. Adur used to ask-”Mother, are there any other people living around there in the forests? Can I also go there to see where the sun hides itself behind the tall trees?” Her mother used to smile on her innocence and always used to try and make her understand that it was full of dangerous animals, who would kill a small child like Adur as she was unable to protect herself”. This is how her life was going on, but everytime, she used to see the dawn and the sunset, her mind used to ask her some questions, which her mother could never give answers to. She was a lovely child and always used to try and talk to other children in her village, but faced restriction, every time she tried. She used to complaint to her mother about it but her mother used to consolidate her with small stories about forests and his father. This aroused a strong urge in her to go into the forests and see by herself on what lies there. One day, when everyone else was playing and the sun was about to set. Adur decided to follow the sun to see, where it exactly go at night. She started moving towards the forests without thinking about her safety. She had a kind heart with a lot of unshaped love inside. Without thinking about the wild animals in the forests, she moved forward only to find her in between the jungle. Suddenly, she heard a lion crying with pain, as he was injured because of the block of wood lying in the way. She looked at the lion, hiding herself behind the tree, but was feeling very bad for the lion. Her kind heart asked her to go and help the lion, but her mind was reminding her about her mother’s sentences about wild animals. She was just seven years old and a nature’s gift. She could not stop herself going near the lion and said very sweetly, with a tear in her eyes- “Please don’t eat me but I want to help you” “Oh! You are to small to help me girl. Go to your home, otherwise the Human Beings will kill me, thinking that I will eat you”, said the Lion. “Why will they do that?”, asked Adur. “They are powerful and they try to show their power by killing us”, answered the Lion. “Aww… that is painful. But can I touch you dear?”, the sweet voice of that little girl helped the lion to understand that she was a good human being and won’t hurt him. He said- “But how will you help me?” “I will try and collect some leaves and tie them on your wound. This will surely heal the pain”, answered Adur. She then collected some leaves from the same tree, that was lying there and helped the lion. She then asked him-”What is your name?” “I am a Lion and I am the king of this jungle. I was moving around to see that all the animals in my kingdom are safe from Human beings, as they kill them and sell their body parts to earn money. Somebody cut the tree here and left it here. I was unknown of it and got injured in the way. But, you should not be here now. It is getting late and you should go to your home”, said the lion returning his care for the kindness shown by the little girl. The girl could understand by now that it was her father, who had cut the tree. She said- “I am sorry on behalf of my father that you had to bear that much pain today. I will request him, to find out some other means to live life. One should not destroy someone else’s home like that” The lion was moved to hear this and said to the girl- “Come and sit on my back and I will drop you near your village” “But you are injured! I don’t want to hurt you more”, said the sweet girl Adur. “Oh dear, you are too small at present and it will give me joy to help you, as you helped me today” The girl then sat on his back and they started moving towards the village. All the other animals in the forest like the monkeys, the squirrels, the elephants, the rabbits were happy to see a human being on the back of their king and they were all moving their hands, in order to say goodbye to Adur. She was so happy that day to find those good friends in the form of animals and understood that simple care can help you make great friends. That day, she found her real friends in Nature and later on became one of the greatest Environmentalists. She fought for the rights of animals and also helped them get reserved forests for their survival.

Moral of the story- The nature has a lot in store for you but you have to understand first that you are only a part of this nature and it is your duty, being an intelligent creature to help other animals survive here as well. There are sustainable ways of development as well.